Wine Cheers
Dark Wood Panels

Singventure Chats

Spirited conversation over spirits and snacks

This is a place for singers, and all musicians, to come make your voice heard, chat about what's on your mind, create a community, and relax at the end of the week.

Every other Friday
at 5:30 pm EDT

Register to receive spirit & snack recipes plus Zoom information.

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Upcoming Chats

October 23rd

Leading & Creating Your Legacy in Classical Music with Christine Lyons

November 9th

Singing to Illustration:

An Unconventional Path to an Unplanned Career 

with Chelsey Hill

November 13th

Talking about Money in Music 
with Frances Pollock

December 4th

Personal Branding:

Staying Authentically You 

with Dane Suarez

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