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Discover Your Voice

I firmly believe that we each have a unique voice with which to express ourselves - and that we deserve to know how to care for it and use it to its fullest extent.

Teaching voice, and music in general, is an incredible honor as it allows us as humans to explore new pathways and ways of expressing ourselves. It encourages the most intimate level of self knowledge, being able to acknowledge and address tension and relaxation throughout the physical body, take on new physicality as different characters, and to try new extremes of our own emotional journeys in ways that are not always accessible in our modern daily lives.

I teach singers and pianists of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels in downtown Baltimore and via Skype. My students range from hobbyists to students to professionals. 


Let's explore together!

Technique Tuesdays!

Get a taste of my teaching style and follow along for some technique tips and some general lifestyle reminders for maintaining a healthy voice no matter what your profession.

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Technique Tuesday

Diction Coaching

Ms. Galloway is a language specialist and teaches courses in French, Italian, and German diction at Peabody Conservatory. Independently, she has been delving into the Nordic languages and offers coachings in Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian repertoire. She has been offering diction coachings for the past five years for role and recital preparation as well as in spoken dialogue, translation, and work in lesser set texts.

Allons-y, los geht's, andiam!

Diction Coaching


An active freelance soprano and adjunct faculty member at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Ms. Galloway has taught voice students of all ages and voice parts for over five years in institutions such as Music & Arts, The Music Workshop, Mike’s Music, and in her own private, Baltimore-based studio. She accompanies all students herself and puts an emphasis on understanding the body as instrument as well as having tools to preserve the health of the voice and correct breathe support. Ms. Galloway makes sure students leave with a technical focus, productive ways to practice, and methods to apply technique and style knowledge to their repertoire, whether classical, musical theater, or otherwise. Students have joined professional organizations including the Baltimore Symphonic Chorale and Bach in Baltimore, sung lead roles in musicals, been accepted to Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Muhlenburg College, NYU, University of Maryland College Park, and many more. She also recently has served on the jury panel for the American Virtuoso International Music Competition for all age groups.

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