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Day 6: An art song that makes you want to dance

Although I have already chosen a selection from Peter Lieberson's Neruda Songs, this fourth piece from the cycle "Ya eres mía" is the ultimate song that makes me want to dance - especially when I get to sing it with orchestra!

This recording is from 2015 when Jordan Thomas, harpist, Michael Repper, conductor, and I organized what we called the "Latin American Anniversary Concert" to perform the 10th anniversary of the first performance of the Neruda Songs and the 50th anniversary of the Ginastera Harp Concerto. It was one of the most exciting performances of my career thus far!

P.S. Apologies on the tardiness of this post - I was at the Washington National Opera's dress rehearsal for Aïda yesterday evening. It was absolutely ethereal and Tamara Wilson blew me completely away!! Click here to purchase tickets - I highly recommend it! Stay tuned for Day 7's entry later today.

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