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Singers Take The Wheel Career Roadmap

Free 2-Day Training

What if you could...

...overcome pitfalls in the prescribed "path to success" by embracing your whole, unique story and perspective.

...carve your own path based on the repertoire that best showcases your voice and helps you tell the stories closest to your core.

...know exactly where to look to find lesser known repertoire and how to program a full recital without imposed requirements. through a piece in French all on your own - just you and your fabulous knowledge of la langue française.

All of this and more is possible.


Register below and let's find your new path over two days!


September 25th - 26th, 2020

Planning Travels

The Roadmap


12:30 pm Repertoire Research
& Art Song Career Paths

with guests Elyse KakacekBarbara Kits,
& Mayan Goldenfeld

5:30pm Singventure Chat:

Rejection & Resilience

with guest Carl DuPont


11:30 am French Diction Crash Course

1 pm Q & A: Ask Claire Anything

3:30 pm Yoga & Meditation

with Elyse Kakacek


*All times in EDT

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About  Claire  Galloway

I teach singers, actors, and voice actors of all ages, genres, and experience levels. My clients range from hobbyists to students to professionals because they are all on the same quest: to harness the power of their whole selves through their voices. 

I am an active freelance soprano and faculty member at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore who has taught in institutions such as Music & Arts, The Music Workshop, Mike’s Music, and in my own private, Baltimore- and online-based studio. I encourage the physicalizing of sound and work with clients on understanding the body as instrument. I give clients exercises and tools to preserve the health of the voice and correct breath support so you can express yourself and communicate throughout your whole life.


Often mistaken for a native speaker, I've studied French for over 15 years, first in the U.S. and then in France. In my five years as Mademoiselle and then Italian Diction Maestra at Peabody, I have combined my skills as educator, voice teacher, and singer to hone new and easily applicable ways to learn the rules of French and Italian for singing. For me, languages have always been integral to the beautiful storytelling of vocal music, and I am continually learning and mastering new languages to access even more repertoire.

My clients always leave lessons and coachings with tools to tackle new repertoire in a multitude of language and knowledge of how to care for their bodies so that their voices will always express their unique sound and story.

About Claire Galloway
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