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Core Singer Essentials:
Set The Stage For Your Authentic Voice​

From October 11th, 2020 - April 3, 2021

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Schedule Outline


            Jay Colwell: Webinar

            Jay Colwell & Deanna Breiwick: Yoga Asanas

            October 17th at 1 pm Mission Statements with Robin McGinness

            October 28th at 5:30 pm On Camera Techniques with Annie Gill


            Jay Colwell: Core & Breath Mechanics

            Jay Colwell MC (Lightening Rounds?)

            November 6th at 11am Session with Nicholas Pallesen 

            November 11th at 5 pm Workout with Jessica Fishenfeld

            November 12th at 12 pm EDT Audience Building with Tracy Friedlander

            November 21st at 1 pm Q & A with Jennifer Johnson Cano



            Jay Colwell: Breath Assessment

            Jay Colwell MC (Lightening Rounds?)

            December 5th at 1 pm Masterclass with Jennifer Johnson Cano

            December 6th at 5 pm EDT Chair Yoga with Alix Raspé Gray

            December 12th at 1 pm EDT Material Creation & Editing with Robin McGinness

            December 19th at 1 pm  Mental Health Coping Mechanisms and Mitigation with Kerriann Otaño


            Jay Colwell: Breath & The Nervous System + Meditation

            Jay Colwell MC (Lightening Rounds?)

            January 10th at 5 pm Yoga for Singers + Q & A with Deanna Breiwick

            January 16th at 1 pm Physical & Social Media Branding with Dane Suarez

            January 23rd at 1 pm Psychological Resilience Presentation with El Schoepf 



            Jay Colwell: Energy & Sound Vibrations

            Jay Colwell MC (Lightening Rounds?)

            February 20th at 1 pm Websites with Robin McGinness

            February 27th at 1 pm Masterclass on “Nervous system shifting” with El Schoepf



            Jay Colwell: Core & Breath Mechanics Recap + Next Level

            Jay Colwell MC (Lightening Rounds?)

            March 3rd at 3:30 pm EDT Session with Nicholas Pallesen

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The Course

October 1st, 2020 - April 3rd, 2021


Each month, receive:

  • Voice lessons

  • Body & Breathe Connection Session

  • Repertoire Coaching

  • Weekly Group Diction Classes in 2 month cycles of Italian, German, & French

  • Language-based Masterclass

  • Live-streamed Recitals every other month

  • Guest sessions on

    • Opportunity Creation

    • Branding & Career Development

    • Psychological Resilience

    • Recital Research & Programming

    • Body Work in Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, & more

    • Recording & Editing Training

  • Access to Singventure Chats, a happy hour to discuss different aspects of singer life with guest facilitators

  • Private Community with...

    • Recording Review

    • Repertoire Resources

    • Challenges

    • Accountability

In addition, VIPs receive:

  • Performances on Guest Masterclasses

  • Series on Career Building including individual feedback sessions

  • First Access to participate in Guest Sessions

  • Opportunity to program, schedule, & perform your own Recital or Performance Project.

  • Extra monthly

    • Voice Lessons

    • Repertoire Coachings

    • Body Masterclasses

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