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Core Singer Essentials:
Set The Stage For Your Authentic Voice​

October 11th, 2020 through April 10th, 2021



...Choosing repertoire that you love, that showcases your unique instrument and storytelling, and not worrying about requirements, age limits, or casting concerns.


...Seizing ownership of your career by creating your own opportunities around that repertoire and collaborating on new works that tell the stories of the world around you.

...Taking the time to really connect your voice to your body to benefit your technique, performance anxiety, and stage craft.

...Honing your language skills through art song to deepen your knowledge of culture, context, character development, and creating worlds in miniature.

The time is now - and you can achieve all of these things in 6 months through
Core Singer Essentials.


Ongoing enrollment!

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Imagine being able to work through your art songs, arias, and concert music in French all on your own.


No "making it up as you go along," no tears, just you and your fabulous knowledge of

la langue française.

I'll guide you through the tricky landscape of French vowels, liaisons, poetic style, phrasing, and performance practice. Along the way, I will give you tools, tips, tricks, and some memes to equip you to do just that.

What's included:

~ Live weekly diction classes via Zoom

~ One-on-one repertoire coachings

~ A diction masterclass with Claire Galloway

~ A style masterclass with French-Dutch soprano Barbara Kits

~ An online community with recordings, resources, support, and more

~ First access to Core Singer Essentials guest sessions

French Diction
This program is the perfect balance of f
This program is the perfect balance of f
This program is the perfect balance of f
What People Are Saying
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The Course

October 11th, 2020 - April 10th, 2021


Each month, receive:

  • Voice lessons

  • Body & Breathe Connection Session

  • Repertoire Coaching

  • Weekly Group Diction Classes in 2 month cycles of Italian, German, & French

  • Language-based Masterclass

  • Live-streamed Recitals every other month

  • Guest sessions on

    • Opportunity Creation

    • Branding & Career Development

    • Psychological Resilience

    • Recital Research & Programming

    • Body Work in Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, & more

    • Recording & Editing Training

  • Access to Singventure Chats, a happy hour to discuss different aspects of singer life with guest facilitators

  • Private Community with...

    • Recording Review

    • Repertoire Resources

    • Challenges

    • Accountability

In addition, VIPs receive:

  • Performances on Guest Masterclasses

  • Series on Career Building including individual feedback sessions

  • First Access to participate in Guest Sessions

  • Opportunity to program, schedule, & perform your own Recital or Performance Project.

  • Extra monthly

    • Voice Lessons

    • Repertoire Coachings

    • Body Masterclasses

The Full Course

About Claire Galloway

I teach singers, actors, and voice actors of all ages, genres, and experience levels. My clients range from hobbyists to students to professionals because they are all on the same quest: to harness the power of their whole selves through their voices. 

I am an active freelance soprano and faculty member at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore who has taught in institutions such as Music & Arts, The Music Workshop, Mike’s Music, and in my own private, Baltimore- and online-based studio. I encourage the physicalizing of sound and work with clients on understanding the body as instrument. I give clients exercises and tools to preserve the health of the voice and correct breath support so you can express yourself and communicate throughout your whole life.


Often mistaken for a native speaker, I've studied French for over 15 years, first in the U.S. and then in France. In my five years as Mademoiselle and then Italian Diction Maestra at Peabody, I have combined my skills as educator, voice teacher, and singer to hone new and easily applicable ways to learn the rules of French and Italian for singing. For me, languages have always been integral to the beautiful storytelling of vocal music, and I am continually learning and mastering new languages to access even more repertoire.

My clients always leave lessons and coachings with tools to tackle new repertoire in a multitude of language and knowledge of how to care for their bodies so that their voices will always express their unique sound and story.

About Claire Galloway
Red Doors

Guests Artists & Instructors

Jennifer Johnson Cano.jpg

Jennifer Johnson Cano

Career Path Q & A

& Masterclass

Nicholas Pallesen Headshot.JPG

Nicholas Pallesen

Transformative Coachings


Jay Colwell

Body & Somatics Course

& Coachings

Kerriann Otano BW.jpg

Kerriann Otaño

Mental Health & Coping Mechanisms


El Schoepf

Psychological Resilience& Gestalt Coach

GILL, ANNIE headshot.jpg

Annie Gill

On-Camera Techniques

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 9.27.29 AM.png

Elyse Kacacek

Energy & Sound Vibrations

Yoga Class

Stephen O'Connor.jpeg

Stephen O'Connor

Intro to Audio Recording
& Recording Feedback Masterclass


Thea Tullman Moore

Career Path Q & A


Tracy Friedlander

Audience Building Coach

Crushing Classical

Robin McGinness BOE6 smaller.jpg

Robin McGinness

Career Building Course

& Coachings

Dane Suarez.jpg

Dane Suarez

Branding for Social Media

& Website Coaching 

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 8.47.25 PM.png

Deanna Breiwick

Yoga for Singers

RYT 200-hr Yoga

Jessica Fishenfeld.jpg

Jessica Fishenfeld

Fitness for Singers

Certifications: NASM CPT, FNS, TRX


Alix Raspé-Gray

Chair Yoga

RYT 200-hr Yoga

Barbara Kits.jpg

Barbara Kits

French Masterclass

Carl Dupont.jpg

Carl Dupont

German Masterclass

Melody Schaper.jpg

Melody Schaper

Alexander Technique & Movement

Andrew Hann

Leading with Acting

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 9.50.03 AM.png

Michelle Rofrano

Activism & Social Justice

in Classical Music

Matthew Anchel.jpeg

Matthew Anchel

Career Path Q & A


Sing Anything Masterclass

Guest Artists & Instructors


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Copy of Copy of e.png
Mary Burke headshot.jpg

Mary Burke


Claire is an incredible teacher who makes singing the French language feel easy.

She incorporates great exercises, both written and sung/spoken, that allow for us to have a better understanding of how the vowels are shaped, as well as how to apply it by working on full pieces to incorporate into our repertoire. 

You can trust Claire to build an incredible foundation and confidence in your understanding and performing of any music in the French language.

Elizabeth Sarian headshot.jpg

Elizabeth Sarian


Atlanta Opera

As a former student of Ms. Galloway's French diction class, I am now more comfortable and confident singing in the beautiful, French language.

She helped me increase and expand my abilities to read and understand French, both with and without the International Phonetic Alphabet.

It is advantageous to work with Ms. Galloway, a fellow singer, as she understands and enforces that the language be produced in conjunction with free and open vocal technique. 

Kasey Lorelle Headshot.jpg

Kasey Lorelle


I first met Claire 3 years ago when I was a Senior at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. She was my French diction professor, and an amazing one to say the least.

Through my course with Claire I developed a clear understanding of French phonetics and, with that, a new way to approach the beloved French repertoire.

Her attention to detail, organized way of teaching, and kind nature is what will keep me coming back.

Ready to take ownership of your own artistry?

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