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Bienvenue! Conquer French Diction

In 6 Weeks This Summer

May 14th - 16th, 2020

12 - 12:30 pm EDT

Mademoiselle Claire Galloway presents:

Summer French Diction Crash Course

Imagine being able to work through your art songs, arias, and concert music in French all on your own.


No "making it up as you go along," no tears, just you and your fabulous knowledge of

la langue française.

I'll guide you through the tricky landscape of French vowels, liaisons, poetic style, phrasing, and performance practice. Along the way, I will give you tools, tips, tricks, and some memes to equip you to do just that.

The Course

Starting June 1st, 2020:


  • 6 weeks

  • Weekly Interactive Group Classes

  • Individual Coachings

  • Mini-Masterclasses on Performance

  • Mini-Masterclasses on Spoken French

  • Repertoire Flash Sessions

  • Private Facebook Community with...

    • Musical Recording Review

    • Spoken Recording Review

    • Repertoire Resources

    • Challenges

    • Accountability

    • Communication with & Feedback from Mlle. Galloway between coachings

  • Final Performance/Masterclass

Tiered Plans available!


Mademoiselle Galloway

Often mistaken for a native speaker, I've studied French for over 15 years, first in the U.S. and then in France. I studied both opera and language at the universities of Paris, taught in Strasbourg, and have traveled throughout the rest of France. 


Following my passion for sharing French with others, I earned an M.A. of Teaching French at Boston University. And then I returned to my first love, singing, with an M.M. at Peabody Conservatory. There I continued to research, perform, and fall in love with French vocal music.


For me, languages have always been integral to the beautiful storytelling of vocal music. I accepted the French Diction professorship at Peabody at the end of my studies there and knew the stars had aligned.


In my five years as Mademoiselle at Peabody, I have combined my skills as both educator and singer to hone new and easily applicable ways to learn the rules of French for singing.


I am on a mission to arm you with the tools and resources you need to help you:

~ Conquer your fear of French

~ Fall in love with French song & opera

~ Be your own French Diction champion



Mary Burke headshot.jpg

Mary Burke


Claire is an incredible teacher who makes singing the French language feel easy.

She incorporates great exercises, both written and sung/spoken, that allow for us to have a better understanding of how the vowels are shaped, as well as how to apply it by working on full pieces to incorporate into our repertoire. 

You can trust Claire to build an incredible foundation and confidence in your understanding and performing of any music in the French language.


Elizabeth Sarian headshot.jpg

Elizabeth Sarian


Atlanta Opera

As a former student of Ms. Galloway's French diction class, I am now more comfortable and confident singing in the beautiful, French language.

She helped me increase and expand my abilities to read and understand French, both with and without the International Phonetic Alphabet.

It is advantageous to work with Ms. Galloway, a fellow singer, as she understands and enforces that the language be produced in conjunction with free and open vocal technique. 

Kasey Lorelle Headshot.jpg

Kasey Lorelle


I first met Claire 3 years ago when I was a Senior at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. She was my French diction professor, and an amazing one to say the least.

Through my course with Claire I developed a clear understanding of French phonetics and, with that, a new way to approach the beloved French repertoire.

Her attention to detail, organized way of teaching, and kind nature is what will keep me coming back.

Ready to become your own French Diction Champion?

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