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Why Find My Core?

You have a unique voice with which to express yourself - and you deserve to know how to care for it and use it to its fullest extent. In order to do that, you must care for your body as your instrument. 


Using your voice requires the most intimate level of self knowledge.

Through this course you will:

  • Acknowledge tension and learn ways to bring relaxation
    throughout the body,

  • Understand "the core" and how it supports
    your freedom of expressivity,

  • Learn how to support while taking on the
    physicality of different characters,

  • Explore new extremes of your own emotional journey
    without vocal fatigue.​


June 24 - 26th, 2020

2 - 2:30 pm EDT

Demystifying "The Core"

What is "the core" anyway? Something to do with Pilates? The abs? A great line of Ben & Jerry's ice cream?

I'll guide you in finding your core and in ways to use it to your advantage as a singer, speaker, and human.

Join me and some special guests to define "the core," discuss engaging "the core," and apply this knowledge to supporting your voice.

FREE 3-day Training

June 24 - 26th

2 - 2:30 pm EDT


Who Am I?

​I teach singers, actors, and voice actors of all ages, genres, and experience levels. My clients range from hobbyists to students to professionals because they are all on the same quest: to harness the power of their whole selves through their voices.

I am an active freelance soprano and faculty member at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore who has taught in institutions such as Music & Arts, The Music Workshop, Mike’s Music, and in my own private, Baltimore- and online-based studio. I encourage the physicalizing of sound and work with clients on understanding the body as instrument. I give clients exercises and tools to preserve the health of the voice and correct breath support so you can express yourself and communicate throughout your whole life.


My clients have joined professional organizations including the Baltimore Symphonic Chorale and Bach in Baltimore, sung lead roles in musicals, and have been been accepted to Muhlenburg College, NYU, University of Maryland College Park, and many more. Most importantly, my clients leave with a knowledge of how to care for their bodies so that their voices will always express their unique sound and story.

Singers and actors are athletes that need a strong core to

~ Project effortlessly

~ Emote without vocal fatigue

~ Tell our essential stories


Let's find your core!


Meet Our Special Guests

Thursday June 25th

Interview with Specialist:

Jay Colwell


As an athletic trainer, movement educator, speaker, health activist, and founder of The Singing Body Clinic, Jay Colwell is molding a new narrative of health within the classical vocal industry. During his time as an athletic trainer, yoga teacher, and bodywork practitioner, he has coached world-class artists on the rosters of The Metropolitan Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, The Chicago Lyric Opera, LA Opera, Opernhaus Zürich, and others.

Along with many hours of training and coaching professional vocalists, his technique and approach are an integration and assimilation of hundreds of hours of professional continuing education, blending approaches from many influences including corrective exercise, yoga, pilates, functional range condition, and somatic movement practices.

In addition to the Singing Body Clinic, Jay is a health coach specializing in burnout mitigation. His coaching firm “Colwellness” has worked with individuals and corporations throughout multiple industries including medical, tech, real estate, and law. Jay also serves as Chief of Physician Wellness for Coast Radiology where he oversees the individual lifestyle management and professional development of a team of 15 physicians.

Friday June 26th

Diva Demonstration with:

Christina Kershaw

Christina is a native New Yorker and Soprano who has a passion for fitness, nutrition, mental health, and HAES (health at every size).

She also is an advocate for marginalized communities and works tirelessly to educate and inform about systemic changes needed.

She loves puppies, traveling, and drag queens ❤️

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